The Guardians - Island Escape Game

The ancient power of Cassius calls out to you. However, he is protected by 4 mighty guardians - Leviathan, Merlion, Imbiah and the Mermaid. Reaching him will be no easy task as the Guardians have laid traps and challenges to impede your progress, but it is paramount that you do, because a more sinister evil is waiting...

- 1st ever game utilizing Sentosa Cable Car Line
- Explore Sentosa while on your quest to release Cassius
- All-new gameplay platform that keeps you on your toes!

In a time long forgotten by Man, Ancients and Celestials ruled the world. Both were beings with tremendous power, but they had differing views - the Ancients were the first to construct the world, shaping it with Eldritch lore and ruling it with an iron fist, while Celestials were telepathic beings who believed in science and equality, using technology to enrich the worlds they visit.

These two factions often came to blows, suffering losses and yet with neither gaining the upper hand. Cassius, one of the most powerful and respected Celestials at that age, was one of those mighty titans who fell. Unknown to his brethren, he did not die. Instead, he escaped to an enclave hidden within a lush island, to try and recuperate. For a being as powerful as he is, the road to recovery takes ages.

As he lay in stasis, the Lord of the Seas, Ororo, dispatched his 4 champions as guardians of the fallen Celestial. Leviathan - The leader, steadfast and mighty, the most fearsome member of the guardians. The Merlion - a master of spells, able to conjure almost anything from his repertoire of magic. Imbiah - a millennia-old turtle with the ability to bend light, rendering him invisible and even allowing him to phase through solid objects. And lastly, the legendary Mermaid of the seas - Trickster extraordinaire. Able to shape shift effortlessly, not many have seen the Mermaid in its true form. Collectively, the Guardians have laid a series of traps and magical seals to protect the essence of Cassius.

In the millennia since, the presence of the Gods are no longer felt. Many have ceased to exist as Man have stopped depending on them. However, Cassius is getting stronger and stronger, and his essence has seeped out of the enclave, affecting the world you live in. You feel a strong pull towards the Island. Cassius’ powers call out to you, instructing you to keep him safe, and not let his powers and technology be misused. For if Cassius can be awakened, who knows what other ancient evil can too?

Starting Point: Sentosa Island, Merlion Cable Car Station, Membership counter on 2nd level

Getting there:
By Sentosa Express
Take the Sentosa Express ($4 per person) from Sentosa Station at VivoCity Level 3, Lobby L and alight at Imbiah Station.
By Sentosa Boardwalk
From HarbourFront MRT station, follow the signs to the Sentosa Boardwalk. Take a leisurely stroll from VivoCity's water promenade. Admission is free via Sentosa Boardwalk.
By Car/Taxi
Admission charges are applicable on each taxi or car entering Sentosa, depending on the time of entry.
Taxi: Alight at Beach Station taxi stand, take the Sentosa Express from Beach Station and alight at Imbiah Station.
Car: Park your car at Imbiah Car Park and take a 5-minute walk to Merlion Plaza OR Park your car at Beach Car Park, take the Sentosa Express from Beach Station and alight at Imbiah Station.
By Cable Car
Take the cable car ($33 for standard Skypass adult ticket) from HarbourFront Cable Car Station to Sentosa Station. Transfer onto the Sentosa Cable Car line and alight at Merlion Cable Car Station.

Game Details
Game Start Time: Everyday 11am - 5pm

- Game can start anytime within the stipulated time-frame. Last game for the day has to start at 5pm.
- The game time can last up to 2 hours, depending on how far you progress into the game. Do factor that into your planning.
- You are required to use the Sentosa Cable Car Line as part of the game. (refer to ticketing information below)

Ticketing Information
Sentosa Line Cable Car Rides are required as they are part of the game.

- Game Packages for 4,5 and 6 comes with complimentary round trip Sentosa Line Cable Car tickets.
- For Faber Licence Members & Sentosa Island Partners, kindly note that Sentosa Line Cable Car Tickets have to be purchased for non-members participating. Kindly purchase the tickets at the cable car ticket counter before you start the game.

- Entry into Sentosa is NOT included in the any Game Packages.

Terms & Conditions of Participation
* Team size is limited to between 4-6pax.
* Children below the age of 12 have to be accompanied by an adult.
* Terms and conditions are subject to changes. We will notify you of any amendments by posting it on this page. By purchasing the tickets, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms stated herein.

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Jun 12 - Jul 2, 2017
[ Mon ] - [ Sun ]
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM SGT
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The Merlion, Sentosa Island
Game Package for 4Pax SOLD OUT $140.00
Game Package for 5Pax SOLD OUT $150.00
Game Package for 6pax SOLD OUT $160.00
Game Package for Faber Licence Members & Sentosa Island Partners SOLD OUT $100.00
Venue Address
30 Imbiah Rd, 099705 Singapore
5 mins from Imbiah Station
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